Kantha Jewelry


The secret of Kantha lies in the recycling of "disused" saris, the traditional dress of the Indians.

The Kantha production is centuries old. Women from poor conditions sewed old garments together with a special quilting stitch to Quilts and stoles. Over time, Kantha developed into a refined and now world-renowned craftsmanship. Today, craftsmen transform the fabric remnants into jewelry beads that give new life to the otherwise discared textile. Each Kantha bead has a core that is wrapped with a piece of colourful sari fabric – each one unique.

In pure manual work, necklaces and bracelets are produced from the beads, which have a unique variety of shapes, colours and patterns.

The aim of the manufactory is to create positive changes with the employment of socially disadvantaged persons and to design beautiful, environmentally conscious products: fashion and design are thus used to combat poverty. The manufacturing company is involved in an educational fund that supports heavily marginalized girls with tuition fees, school uniforms, books, etc..